Friday 13th - Barnet Registry Office

It's in the book now, it's official.

We all got photos.

Dr Evil as backup bridesmaid....



I'm not sure that's how you're supposed to do it, Chris.

Later That Same Day...

The happy couple.

The happy couple without shades

That couple again.

With Parents

And again.

Bride & groom with witnesses.

Bride & groom happy.

In the sun.

A rare shot, with trousers on, for this one.

"Aim it at the greenhouse!"

Thank god for all that fold-up furniture.

There'll be blue lights over...

...the white cliffs of Dover.

And Then We Were in France

Toasting the couple... (no barbeque jokes please)

More toast...

French toast...



The best (dressed) man, forgetting his suit was forced to wear the joke wedding outfit...

...which it had been hoped the groom would wear.

I'm not sure how to read the expressions in this one.

Ahhh, that's better.

The blessing, delivered in Englishish by the French dignitary.

Come 'ere and I will taunt you one more time...

What a lot of Johnsons.

Couple, bridesmaid, best man.

Stirlands, and two Johnsons.

Assorted reprobates.

Love and marriage,

Love and marriage,

Go together like...

The King of Mischief.

"Drink this bruv, you'll need it when you see these..."

"Hey Em, look what you married."

Oi, shorty.

Cutting the cake.

Len's Speech

PJ's Speech (has he been dribbling?)


Dr Funk, and their erotic dancers.

Dr Funk outdoors. They rocked.

Bunny Girl

Look how much sand my husband can fit in his shorts.

Look what we built...


Apologies to anyone who stayed in the hotel on Sunday who wanted to sleep before 5am.

"Yeah, I got married, AND I GOT A LASER LEVEL FOR LESS THAN 30!!"

Group shot at the ferry home (with laser level).

"WHY has everyone bought laser levels?"

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