beggars canyon Silas the Filthy Hobbit's site - very very out of date
gurkha's home page Let's face it, he's removed the link to my page, so why should I care?
autograph sound recording The UK's premier theatrical sound hire company - they've removed the dodgy biogs, but it takes a while to download on an average theatre phoneline.
VDC wiring Connectors, cable, and patchbays. One day it will be worth looking at this site. FOR A YEAR NOW THIS SITE HASN'T WORKED.
Skiing shite Tom's very nicely written page - personally I don't like skiing, but I believe there are those who do
Software My favourite download site
Web-authouring Tom tells me this is full of tutorials for javascript, html, etc.
Aura Sound Design A site which is very nearly as nerdy as anorak world, and has lots of STUFF on it.
The ultimate site Must be seen to be believed (actually it's just jimshouse)