Welcome to my house

this is me - click here to mail meHere's Jim. Despite in real life resembling a giraffe more than a rhinoceros, for some reason the lumbering slow-witted overweight wrinkly gray image seems to have stuck. Oddly enough this is my site, so if you've got any complaints, suggestions, or abuse, please send them to me by clicking on my picture.

and here's scary katy - click here to mail her This is scary Katy - whilst very beautiful in real life, she is depicted here in her true form, normally only visible before noon.

A center of design excellence

Yes, as you've no doubt gathered by now, this site may well blossom to become one of the most tasteful, pleasing and well-informed sites on the www. On the other hand, it may well look like somebody's eaten it and thrown it up before getting bored of the whole thing and just abandoning it. Let's face it, who cares?

Why not look at some real sites instead?

Theatre folks who would like to know which wiring standards I'm using this week are invited to visit
This is a very, very sad place.

PJ and Emma got hitched - Bomb the rabbit

And here's some wedding photos - They're STILL married

Oh, and by the way, if anyone should need any bits of painting and decorating or carpentry doing, I can recommend these two - they're not the cheapest, but they get the job done.